Product Overview

zeckoPay™ is a fully integrated electronic payments [EFT/ACH] solution for businesses that allows you to process payments electronically, eliminating the need to prepare manual or computer checks/cheques or the need to re-enter data into web-based systems that your financial institution may offer.

zeckoPay™ connects directly to your accounting system, extracting the required payment information and sends the resulting EFT file to your financial institution for direct payment to your suppliers and employees, or collect payment from your customers, on the dates you specify.

Payments are electronically deposited to your supplier and employee bank accounts or collected from your customer’s bank account [with proper authorization] and zeckoPay™ provides an automated means of sending your suppliers and customers with complete payment support details, including invoices, credit notes, and more. Saves time and money on traditional check/cheque printing chores such as paper handling efforts, mailing costs, etc.

How do you pay your suppliers?

Regardless of the structure of any business, everyone needs to pay their employees and suppliers. It’s a core and basic requirement for all businesses, so why not make it a simple, quick and easy process. Like many businesses, you probably spend too much time processing employee and supplier payments, cutting cheques and stamping envelopes. Why not bypass all that, and just pay them electronically. You can, with zeckoPay!

With zeckoPay, you will be able to simplify your payment processes, increase your productivity and protect against fraud so you can spend more time growing and managing other parts of your business.

How does zeckoPay work?

Embracing EFT payments is a fast, efficient and safe way of processing vendor payments. You can save a lot of time and money by allowing zeckoPay to do handle your vendor payment processing tasks such as:

  • Creating the EFT file, allowing you to simply upload the file through you existing bank’s (or other financial institution) portal. See how to create an EFT payment file in zeckoPay
  • Automatically sending your vendors their payment advice.
  • Automatically posting the payments in BV, and linking the EFT payment to the vendor invoice in BV.

The entire process of paying your vendors takes mere minutes to perform, allowing you to spend that valuable time on other activities.