You need innovative solutions to boost efficiency and grow your business. We've got one just for you. zeckoPay is a fully-integrated, automated, and easy-to-use payment solution.

Feature Highlights

  • zeckoPay supports employee and supplier payments. 
  • Maintain employee and supplier profiles within zeckoPay, including bank account details, email addresses and more.
  • Supports Multiple Currencies, Multiple Banks, Multiple Companies.
  • Pay your supplier invoices and employee payroll, commission and expense report payments electronically, directly from your accounting system.
  • Consolidate AP and Payroll payment files into one EFT file.
  • Supplier invoices entered in your accounting software can simply be selected for payment and transmitted to your financial institution via zeckoPay for electronic payment.
  • Employee payroll processed in your accounting software’s payroll module can be electronically sent to any financial institution, regardless of which financial institution your employees use.
  • Payments will be processed by your bank as direct deposit payments, which are typically processed at vastly reduced rates than typical check/cheque clearing fees.
  • Automatically email or fax payment support details to your suppliers and customers.
  • Works with all of the major financial institutions and even third-party payment processors.
  • Make payments in Canadian or US currency. Currently, US currency payments are only supported for US bank accounts held at Canadian financial institutions.
  • Make payments as early as the next business day, or post-date your payments months in advance [depending on your financial institution].
  • Specify the precise date you want each payment to be made. Select multiple payment dates within the same payment file.
  • A complete suite of reports is provided, including pre-payment listing, payment summary, supplier payment summary, and more.
  • Audit trail. Postings in your accounting software display the EFT file sequence number, providing a good audit trail for future reference.
  • Integrates with your accounting software program. Call us to learn more about which programs are supported.