Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to change financial institution in order to use zeckoPay?

No, zeckoPay integrates with most standard banks and credit unions in Canada. We work with your financial institution, to provide effective integration to their payment distribution systems

Does your financial institution support EFT payment processing?

Most likely yes. Most banks and credit unions support EFT payment processing. EFT payment processing has long been a preferred form of payment processing for all banks and financial institutions, as its more safe and efficient than other traditional forms of payment, including cheques/checks.

Why can’t I just use the online payment portal offered by my financial?

Most financial institutions offer a means to make online EFT payments. You typically are only able to enter the total amount of money for each vendor, and there are usually no means to enter an invoice number. This means if you’re paying multiple invoices for the same vendor, then you’ll need to manually provide a payment advice to that vendor offline. With zeckoPay, you avoid all these hassles, as zeckoPay does all of this for you

Does zeckoPay make the actual payment distribution?

No, zeckoPay produces a file that contains all the details required by your financial institution, including vendor’s bank account, transit information and payment amounts. The financing institution will be used to make the payment distribution. zeckoPay also automatically emails a payment advice to your vendors, providing them details of the electronic payment you’re deposting to their bank account.

What are the minimum system requirements?

To run zeckoPay™ on your computer, you must have a minimum of:

  • Computer with Windows 2000/ XP; 220MHz Pentium processor or faster; 64MB RAM (128 MB RAM for Windows® XP)
  • Microsoft.NET framework
  • Pervasive WorkGroup Service Pack 4
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher
  • Financial Institution Requirements: Enrollment in an online banking or EFT/ACH/Direct Deposit service offered by your financial institution.
  • Accounting Software Requirements: Requirements may vary based on the accounting software you are using.

How to get started?

It’s easy. Just contact your financial institution and ask them about getting set up for EFT payment services. Some financial institutions offer different service levels or EFT packages. You’ll only typically need their basic service, as zeckoPay will handle all communications between your ERP/Accounting software and your banks’ payment distribution systems, and it will store all vendor bank account information.

Just sign up for the appropriate service package and we’ll connect your zeckoPay software to connect to your financial institution.